leaf wax


Using wax on fabric can be really difficult becuase it can fall part easily.  Luckily with the sample above it worked perfectly.

Under the Sea

Drawing Sheet

This wasn’t a project focused around the theme of sealife, it was actually florals, but it just reminds of the sea straight away.  This drawing was a linked assignment with Tigerprint, which is part of Hallmark.  As part of it I had to design gift boards with all my ideas on them.  This was definately a learning experience of what it’s like in the REAL world of design.

One of my final gift designs

One of my final gift designs

My Favourite




Out of all of my hand embrodiery, I think this is one of  the most successful pieces I’ve ever done.  I think I’ve managed to capture the original markings and lines of my drawing and along with these colours it works really well.

Fashion Accessories

Bird purse development

This is current development work, which is really going well.  This idea is for a purse with tiny embroidered birds around it.  I’m just about to start making the actual final, which will be displayed at my final degree show.

Detail meets simple


My style of drawing has always been very detailed and observed.  During my final major project I have found away that suits my style to incorporate more stylistic and simple drawings.  As a combination I think this works really well and adds diversity, which is very important in design. I LOVE THE COLOUR!

Coin tie dye

tie dye

tie dye

This was the first time I had tried using coins to tie dye with and it was really successful!  On some parts it even managed to transfer some of the copper from the coins onto the fabric.  It is a really good technique and a must try!

Colour Development

Interior Sampling for Wallpaper

Interior Sampling for Wallpaper


This was part of level one work where for the first time I had drawn and painted out an interior design on paper.  Above is the sampling of techniques and below is the close up of the final design.

Final Design

Final Design

Current Project

Medieval Inspiration

Medieval Inspiration


Bay Research


My current project for my final degree show is all to do with medieval lifestyle.  This is the first project where I have incorporated lot’s of accepts, which I feel has really worked well.  This means through the development stage I can have lot’s of fun and my ideas could be endless!

Drawing With Embroidery

Baby Floral Dress

I really love the colour.  The yellow embroidery shown on the image was a technique I discovered myself.  Designing for baby dresses, which was what this was for, really opened my eyes to how different imagery and embrodiery has to be to suit this particular market.  I would definately consider designing for childrenswear again because I really learnt alot.

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